XtraDry has faced the problem head on.
After huge research we have sourced a unique designer looking style pair of boxer shorts specially created for men with light incontinence - that are not only attractive to look at but can be worn with confidence. and are reusable.
XtraDry Boxers are quality designed underwear. which are fitted with a unique specially designed pad which absorbs light urine leakages. XtraDry have also introduced a new deodorising fabric freshener to eliminate odour.  
Men do not have to worry about embarrassing light incontinence leakages. They can feel more like a man and not like a medical patient.
Best of all XtraDry's Boxer's are reusable and can be washed repeatedl
for up to 40 washes.(No Tumble Dry)
XtraDry boxer's look and feel like a natural designed pair of boxer shorts - except that they are designed specifically for men with light incontinence.
Why not try a pair today for yourself and experience the difference of XtraDry.